Why Did We Launch Our Own Exchange SEC?

18.09.2019, 09:48

Blockchain technologies will create a single financial market worldwide. Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency can serve as something like today's reserve currencies. Processing trillions of transactions will require a second tier systems. These will be the new world's cryptocurrency banks and exchanges.

There are now many cryptocurrency exchanges in the market that focus only on cryptocurrencies and/or useless tokens.

Therefore, we have decided to launch our own stock exchange which will list only high-quality, already profitable projects offering tokens that will pay dividends or repurchase tokens. In fact, such tokens are an asset and can be equated with preferred shares.

We believe that we are on the verge of major changes in the global financial and economic system. And changes always serve as either opportunities or threats for anyone.

These are great opportunities for us.

Therefore, we invite you to participate in the development of the SEC exchange together with us.


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