For opinion leaders

If you are a successful blogger, have an active involved audience and want to monetize even more the content you constantly post for your viewers or readers, then we offer you the following options:

We are pleased to offer you an Affiliate Loyalty Program for Opinion Leaders.

The program works in 13 languages (Russian, English, Chinese, Spanish, Korean, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Polish).

Program duration

09/09/2019 - 25/09/2025

You have a unique opportunity to monetize your own traffic by participating in our loyalty program, especially at the very beginning of the company’s development and business scaling (2019-2021).
You can participate in a partner loyalty program for a quarter, six months or a year (prolongation is possible).
For posting information about our exchange through reviews, expert articles, promotional materials, advertising, videos, etc. we pay an expressly agreed number of SEC exchange tokens that you can exchange at the current exchange rate at any time for usdt, btc, eth, usd or euro and withdraw to personal or corporate accounts, or receive dividends on the exchange tokens (paid once a quarter).

Want to join?

To participate in the program, please contact with a brief description of your activities and characteristics of your audience

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