In 2021-2022, our exchange plans to launch a fully featured IPO service

It will be exactly a fully featured IPO service with a wide range of participants: from institutional investors and underwriters to traders and market makers and investors acting as the sole participant, which will allow worthy projects in the blockchain industry or using blockchain technology to be successfully listed on our exchange by listing the shares that will be stored in the register of well-known and only reliable, time-tested blockchains.

Just in 2020, our exchange plans to list 12 third-party projects that already provide positive cash flow and, with the support of investors and our exchange, will be able to obtain the necessary resources for faster and more successful scaling of their own business.

Our own SEC Stock token will be a separate listing project on the exchange.

You can find information about the exchange token by visiting the SEC Stock link.

Want to hold an IPO?

Today, we collect applications from companies from all over the world who would like to conduct an IPO on our exchange in 2022-2023.

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