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Get dividends, buy and sell cryptocurrency, make internal transfers
All your digital assets in one place
Pay your friends, not the addresses
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What's the use of mobile SEC App for you?

Buying bitcoins

BUY BITCOIN in 15 seconds, anonymously, securing your payment data

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Bitcoin transfers

Using a phone number or e-mail in 2 seconds, as well as between SEC App wallets

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Quick payments in fiat currencies

We will link VISA and MasterCard to your bitcoin account. Make contactless NFC payments in retail networks

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Your offer?

Describe the features you want to see in your FXCoin mobile wallet. We will definitely listen to your wishes.


We create a fully featured mobile blockchain service

So that anyone can easily use cryptocurrencies in their daily lives and benefit directly from owning cryptoassets

You can participate in the project as an advisor or tester, you can offer your candidacy as a developer if you have the necessary programming skills.
You can act as a media person and share the project in social networks or your own media, you can support the project.
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